The BEST marketing lesson you will ever get AND how to know when a supposed marketing guru is lying to you. (Part 1)
Written by Brett Lechtenberg
Also, this article will teach how to build the absolute best marketing funnel – GUARANTEED. 

This is Part 1 of 2. 

Tomorrow comes part two. Ok?

Lets talk marketing!

Marketing is one of the most mis understood aspects of business.

In fact, marketing is SO obvious that the mass majority of business owners simply over look the basics.   

Unfortunately, over looking the basics leads entrepreneurs to vastly over complicate their marketing process, which in turn leads to needless struggle. 

I KNOW – I HAVE DONE THIS MYSELF, and I did it for a LONG time.

It was frustrating and financially costly, for me and my business.

My hope is to help you avoid my costly mistakes. 

Imagine, your business getting all the leads you need and want. 

Wouldn’t life would be easier and less stressful?

You bet it would.

Keep reading because this will help. 

Eventually, I paid someone, who really had their marketing mastered, to teach me what I was doing wrong.   

Once I understood what I was doing wrong I got my marketing working and generating tons of leads. 

I can tell you I was very disappointed in myself for not understanding how straight forward marketing can actually be. 

What was I doing wrong?

I simply had listened to the wrong people, and therefor applied the wrong concepts and strategies in the wrong order.

These basic mistakes caused me to get a less than desirable result from all of my marketing efforts.

Once I reordered the process and used the correct tools for the job, marketing has never been easier. 

If your marketing is not producing, then you could easily be making the basic mistakes I was.

However, don’t stress. 

If you follow what I am going to share with you. Your marketing efforts will reap you a bigger reward.

After reading this…

If anybody tells you anything different, about marketing your business, then you know they are uneducated on the topic or they are lying to you.   

It is that simple.

Here you go…

Step 1

Do your research first .

1. Decide on the niche that needs your help – There are lots of them.

2. Determine their EXACT pain – The avatar research I talked about in previous articles/videos.

3. Be absolutely crystal clear about YOUR particular path to helping people and your UNIQUE message about how you will help them.

4. Understand the detailed demographics of your market

5. Create a comprehensive list of ALL the places your new prospects could see/hear about you.

Step 2

Implement your marketing campaign and its individual marketing pieces, based on your RESEARCH.

1. Do both grassroots and paid marketing – I recommend doing the grassroots stuff first, for small businesses.

2. Make sure your marketing speaks DIRECTLY to your prospects pain.

3. Ensure your unique message is VERY clear. Do not be overly clever.

4. Get your marketing pieces out in ALL the places on your list from step 1. This will probably be 10 times more than your originally estimated.

5. Be patient and work your plan. 

6. Go back and read step 4 again. This seems to cause small business owners the most confusion. They simply do not DO   

enough marketing

Once you have these crucial concepts and strategies in place, then you can add more complex pieces to the plan. 

However, do NOT deviate from the fundamentals. 

The only time you should deviate is IF your current plan is dead in the water or you are split testing new marketing. 

That is it for today.

Tomorrow Part 2

I will take you into one of the marketing world’s hottest buzz words…

The Funnel. 

Dedicated to your success

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Brett Lechtenberg, Total Success Marketing

Brett Lechtenberg is a nationally recognized expert on business and personal empowerment. His transformational skills including: entrepreneurial coaching; systems development and implementation; as well as personal mastery and family safety. 

Through his businesses, comprehensive lecture series, motivational speaking and other courses, Brett has trained thousands of everyday people to empower themselves both physically and mentally, as they learn effective methods of personal empowerment.

Brett has appeared on Good Day Utah and Channel 13 and 4 news broadcasts. Brett has been a speaker and presenter for local chambers of commerce groups, schools, Exchange Clubs, Draper and Salt Lake City code enforcement officers, the Arizona State Process Servers Association, Delta Airlines, American Express, Citigroup and many more local community groups and churches.
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