Goal setting for improved business productivity.
Written by Brett Lechtenberg
“Goals we set are goals we get”

The concepts suggested in this list come from training business owners and their staff. These are the most common things that, in my experience, most business owners overlook. There are other issues to be sure.

These concepts are also meant to be though provoking so you can think about what needs to be implemented in your business. 

Although each business is different the concepts work in virtually all business and in my opinion are why most businesses succeed or fail.

Budget/Sales Training

Make sure the entire staff (those who have control or a stake in the numbers) knows the budget numbers

Sales goals

Sales of individual items

Sales Trends (positive and negative)


Create a tracking sheet or mechanism that that allows staff to see what can be collected on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. –“ The web”

Having goals for sales of individual items is important. It gives people a vision – “The Learning Circle”

There needs to be at least one weekly staff meeting where numbers are reviewed and adjustments made to your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

There needs to be one daily planning session/meeting where the daily numbers are reviewed.

Marketing Plan Training

Make sure you staff is aware of the marketing plan and its pieces.

Where are your customers/clients coming from.

What are untapped opportunities

Marketing info should be chunked for easy understanding and follow through.

Yearly – Quarterly – Monthly –

Then you should have daily action plans

Job Code Training

Make sure that staff training happens on a consistent basis and that it is a condition of employment – no exceptions. Under pressure people begin to doubt their training (especially if they have been poorly trained) when in fact they need to relax and rely on their training. 

Make sure every job gets adequate training – do not under cut your training – cut something else.

Do not cut back on training when things are tough and money is tight. That is when people need to be trained the best so you can maximize every opportunity. 

Bonuses and incentives

Remember “Pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered”

Bonus everyone even if it is something small.

Parties, awards/certificates, cash, posting on Facebook etc.

Make sure everyone knows in advance what they need to achieve to get a bonus and what that bonus will be if they hit their goal.

Make sure that staff track their bonus as part of their daily/weekly duties. The more focused they are on bonus goal the better your business will do.

Keep any bonus calculation/reward program easy to follow and straight forward.

Year end bonus’ should be in cash or really cool gifts. Stick aside 1% of profit above a predetermined dollar amount.

Dedicated to your success

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Brett Lechtenberg, Total Success Marketing

Brett Lechtenberg is a nationally recognized expert on business and personal empowerment. His transformational skills including: entrepreneurial coaching; systems development and implementation; as well as personal mastery and family safety. 

Through his businesses, comprehensive lecture series, motivational speaking and other courses, Brett has trained thousands of everyday people to empower themselves both physically and mentally, as they learn effective methods of personal empowerment.

Brett has appeared on Good Day Utah and Channel 13 and 4 news broadcasts. Brett has been a speaker and presenter for local chambers of commerce groups, schools, Exchange Clubs, Draper and Salt Lake City code enforcement officers, the Arizona State Process Servers Association, Delta Airlines, American Express, Citigroup and many more local community groups and churches.
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